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Business Health Check

The ever-changing environment in which most businesses have to compete today, means that now more than ever, it is vital to have an independent business review..

This does not mean you have to make any radical changes, but if the need is self-evident, you may be uncertain about what this entails. Change is not a fad; it's a natural thing to do, as standing still will leave you at a competitive disadvantage.

In order to keep pace, stay ahead of the competition and succeed, you need to:
  • move forward despite the uncertainties in today's ever-changing market conditions, and
  • consider how you can improve matters whilst you're still keeping the plates spinning!
Change is one of the highest priorities for businesses today, as rapidly changing external influences can bring uncertainty.

It is more important than ever to be prepared, but for the right reasons! Capitis Business Solutions can help you to plan and implement for a wide range of business needs, by utilising in-house skills and those of a network of experienced professionals.

A business health check will enable you to weather the recessionary storm, and we can check to see if you are eligible for business support that is highly affordable, delivering practical advice for a real return on your investment.

To discuss your requirements and establish if we can help you, please click here to contact us now - you have nothing whatsoever to lose.

Sound familiar?
Research carried out by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) amongst thousands of businesses shows that the greatest perceived problems of the MDs or Owners are:

. Cashflow
. Funding
. Profitability
. Marketing
. Legislation
. Loneliness
. Lack of time
. No personal exit strategy
. Loss of original vision
  for the business
. Lack of up-to-date

The research was carried out with companies employing between 5 and 250 employees.

With 99.5% of all firms in the UK having less than 200 employees, and 98% less than 50 employees, these problems are very real for many business leaders.
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