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About Capitis Business Solutions

Capitis is the latin word often associated with head, top, and summit.

Capitis was formed in 2002 but its roots in business management and support go back much further with the team working together elsewhere before joining forces to create a powerful support resource.

We have in-house expertise and team of trusted Associates with whom we have worked with over many years. Increasingly we were hearing the same message from many companies large and small, "Consultancy is fine but we need more that this. What we need is advice ,support and implementation". We recognised the importance of not just what we can provide. We felt that no business could be all things to all people, but never-the-less looked for a solution to this.

When Martin Ramsden (co-founder and present Managing Partner) became accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), the solution was evident. Martin can provide clients with access to a network of thousands of highly trained senior executives who are also accredited by the Institute. Now in over 35 countries, this amazing pool of knowledge, skills, experience , contacts, and access to markets provides the very top information, guidance and support in virtually any aspect of business - no matter what it is.

The name Capitis was used for its Latin meaning of head. There was a time when this may have expressed wealth (e.g. so many head of cattle). It is believed that this term gave rise to the word we use today - Capital.

Capitis Business Solutions will help you and your business - with practical solutions to every day business problems. We will help you to identify and implement actions that are right for your business, and if you want on-going assistance we will be there to assist.

You can arrange a free business health check - with absolutely no obligation. What's more, a confidential discussion can help determine whether or not you are eligible for a programme of business support delivering practical advice for a real return on your investment.

We'll be pleased to discuss your requirements and establish if we can help. Contact us now for a no-obligation business health check.


How you Benefit:
Capitis can help deliver real benefits to you and your business by: 

Providing expert help and assistance to make a rapid contribution to your business, and by ensuring effective collaboration with you and your staff.

Bringing fresh, unbiased and independent approach with no pre-conceived views.

Offering flexible and affordable assistance, with access to a recognisedand internationally supported Business Support Programme.

The comfort of knowing that we can make available the right skills and experience for your business from a phenomenal network of accredited advisers.

Reducing the need to employ key staff at a time when you probably want to control costs.

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