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Managing directors, business owners, and partners of professional firms, tell us they are looking for ways to:

  • Adapt to the changing business environment
  • Improve personal and team performance
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Maintain sustainable success for themselves and their teams
  • Profit more
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We help to achieve this...

Using a unique mix of Business Coaching, or Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy, we help business or practice owners and partners to gain competitive advantage, improve personal & team performance, and increase profitability.

The outcome is stability and peace of mind, which is especially important at the moment. If you (or someone you know), would like more peace of mind that you, your people, and your business can achieve the success you are seeking, call for a no obligation confidential chat to see how we can help you.


Survival of the fittest

Coming through recession, cuts and austere measures has been challenging for many business owners. And although the economy and business is improving, many business owners are not complacent about sustainable growth..

You simply cannot afford to leave success to 'fate' - hoping that you will be OK. If you fear or ignore the economic consequences, you are likely to suffer from poor results, or worse still - make the wrong decisions.

Adapting means change, but this is not something to be scared of. Even if you're not sure what to do - get some help, but whatever you do - embrace it! If you're not prepared for change, then you are prepared to place your business at risk.

Identify the tactics that are right for you and your business, and implement them. Involve your team, and help them with the attitude of becoming a fitter and stronger business. You will all gain more peace of mind and have a positive focus.

Effective planning and change management can increase your profitability, cut costs, and enhance your competitive advantage. Although many business owners have good ideas for the way ahead, most admit to us that they need help.

Our Basic Formula For Success ...

  • Identify the issues - the cause, not just the effect
  • Have a well thought out succinct road map - with tactics right for you
  • Share the objectives with all of your team
  • Discuss with each individual what they need to do to contribute and help make it work
  • Regularly monitor necessary performance indicators and take action
  • Implement plans - don't become side-tracked


Typical Concerns

We get a lot of questions from business owners but most come down to people performance and business performance.

The biggest problem - the common denominator - is being "overwhelmed".

Having effective people and great business performance isn't actually that hard - once you understand the fundamentals, and implement the right actions. But neither is losing weight. Or tax planning. Or organising your garage.

When overwhelmed, knowing where to start in getting your business fit enough to survive and thrive may be an issue. OR, if you have made a start, having the comfort of knowing you're doing the right things.

Research shows that 70% of plans fail in their implementation. Even if you think your plans are fit for purpose, if you can't make them happen, your goals will remain dreams and your business is at risk.

Your success plan

We now offer a complimentary and confidential way of identifying the fundamentals and what to do in an utterly simple way.

Talk to our Managing Partner to find out more about how we are helping business leaders to profit more ... and how we can help you too.
You can profit more …




Business Direction

Being clear about where you want to get to and how you can get there is fundamental to your success.
Saving hard work, perspiration and money

Getting the best from staff

For your business to succeed you need to ensure that employees operate within a framework which maximises productivity and effectiveness, and of course which is legally acceptable.
Check your best practice

People Matter

With the challenges today it is critical to find the right people, keep them motivated and ... well, keep them!
Save stress time & money



Personal Development

If you are looking to kick start, recover or change your career, and need help to turn your career aspirations into reality, we can help.
Personal Development Thinking of working for yourself?
Find out what it takes



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